Port of DinanAugust 28 to October 2, 2021

Dinan France!

Nestled in the lush green fields of the Cotes-d’amour, Dinan offers a quaint staging base for exploring the unique history and personality of Northern France.  Set along the River Rance, near the traditional dividing line between Normandy and Brittany, we will have the opportunity to stroll the river banks, fish, rent bikes and canoes, even rent a boat or take the water taxi north to the twin port cities of Saint Malo and Dinard.

Dinan is divided into a couple of smaller districts.  The upper walled town part is the main tourist and shopping area, while the quaint river port lower down is a quiet place to grab a bite to eat and relax. Our house is on the small road connecting the two.  Perfect placement to get the best of both worlds.

The WWII D-Day landing beaches and the museum where the Bayeux Tapestry are within an easy two hour drive.  Mont St. Michel, Cancale, St. Malo, Rennes and Dinard are all easily reached by train, bus or car in under an hour.  Take a look at the day trip tab of the website and please feel free to send us your research and suggestions to add!

Much smaller and a tad more remote, Dinan offers us amazing history and charm with a much more reasonable rental market. On the down side it does demand a bit more in the way of individual travel. Renting cars may be the best option for many, we will do our best to clearly lay out all the transportation options at our disposal.

For those of our friends who went with us to Avignon, Dinan may be a bit different.  We are looking forward to a slower pace of life and a more relaxed town scene.  Still plenty of cafes and bars to enjoy, just a lot less hustle and bustle. While we are again pleased to be hosting our friends and family, we really don’t want to make anyone think we have a bunch of mandatory tours and planned out activities.  Nope, not a darn thing...

Our house is yours, your time is your own!Map of France

When are we going?

August 28 to October 2, 2021
This allows early week air travel which is cheaper and lighter in traffic

Where are we staying?

Nita and I are renting a 15th century home on the edge of Dinan, just up from the river port on the River Rance.  3 Stories tall, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, a great kitchen and relaxing space including an outside garden area.

How much is this gonna cost us?

Flights from Kansas City to Paris(CDG) France will run in the neighborhood of $800 to $950 per person(round trip). Round trip tickets directly from Kansass City to Rennes are averaging around $1350. Its hard to be specific, and the cost will depend on the price of jet fuel and the Dollar to Euro conversion rate. From CDG it is a $59 train ride each way.

We are asking around $225 or less per bedroom per week.
That covers not only the cost of the apartment, but basic household expenses(dish soap, TP, basic foods to stock the kitchen, any extra electrical charges) That cost may change some as the exchange rate fluctuates, but it should not be more than $20 either way.

Personal spending is up to you. There is great shopping, lots of fun touristy stuff, tons of history laying all over the place and amazing food.

Do we need to give you money now?

Nope, hang on to your funds till we get closer to the trip. We do have most of a year after all... The money for the apartment you can give us when you get to France, just after you book your tickets,  or anytime before you leave, we really don't mind when.

How will you be booking our airline tickets?

Ummmmm... we won't. I will make suggestions of when and where to buy, but taking care of your airfare is all up to you. The train tickets we will need to buy about 90 days from the time you travel to get the best deals, we can walk you through that process when the time comes.  

Nita and I are excited as heck about this trip. We fell in love with France over the years and we are thrilled that we may get the chance to share it with you guys. Shortly, I will start sending out monthly emails addressing things that you may need to take care of before the trip, some fun stuff too. If you have any questions, dying to share excitement, or find cool stuff to share, post it here and we will toss it around.
This is gonna be a blast!

Mark and Nita (mostly Mark... Shes around here somewhere)